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Anything that inspires your imagination toward creativity: people, music, movies, books, private thoughts, ideas, or interests. A muse can come in a variety of ways, but should make you think, want to act or create something.

MUSE (n.): The source providing the power of artistic inspiration.

            (v.): To reflect deeply on a subject. To consider something thoughtfully. 

         (adj.): Absorbed. Thoughtful. Reflective. 


I have had the pleasure of working with the Creative Muse team. I am inspired by their creativity, passion, and outside-the-box vision for the events they plan. I have worked with the team for over a decade and they continue to amaze me with their unique approach to creating one-of-a-kind events.





“I have had the great fortune of being on their vendor team for some truly amazing events! They bring such creativity and enthusiasm to each and every project. Their attention to detail throughout the entire planning process has meant seamless execution once the day arrives. They absolutely value the partnership we have established!”

Deborah G.

All Occasions Party Rental &

Marbella Event Furniture 


“As an event planner, I love to partner with other vendors, who will take the best care of my clients. This team is no exception. Whether it’s a holiday party, non-profit fundraiser, or corporate gathering their florals are creative and gorgeous — always on time, always within budget, and somehow always exceeding expectations!”

jim c.


“My husband and I have used this team for years, whenever we need flowers and event coordination that’s above and beyond.  They've designed an elegantly simple backyard garden party for Mother’s Day, and a fun and funky 50th birthday bash.  Plus, our ultra-modern wedding reception was so stunning, that guests are still talking about it years later. We would not do an event without them!”

Duane B.


“Cassandra and Morgan have been phenomenal creative partners over the course of the last five years — from the initial brainstorms to the finished product — everything they produce is stunning and they always find a way to add personal touches that add extra “wow” factor to your project.”

kelli p.


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